In order for viRACE to record your route data without problems and thus enable participation in virtual races, certain settings must be adjusted. This overview should help you to find a suitable solution in case of problems.


I have problems with position tracking
The app does not record my run when the screen is closed
The app closes after a few minutes of running

GPS data

GPS is a system that uses satellite signals to determine the approximate position of the user. It requires a chip in the mobile device and satellites above the earth.

Examples of location problems

If there are problems with localisation, your data will also be incorrect. Unfortunately, it is not possible to ‘complete’ missing data or change existing data. However, there are other things you can do to avoid incorrect location data, rather than correcting them. Please refer to the troubleshooting steps at the bottom of this article to avoid similar inconveniences in the future.

  • Location discrepancies: the recorded route does not match the actual route. For example, you may notice that the route does not match the road exactly.
  • Lack of GPS reception: if you are temporarily without GPS signal and only regain reception at a later time, the signals before and after the loss of signal are treated exactly as any two points (even if some time has passed in the meantime) and connected with a straight line. Thus, nothing is lost on a straight track, but it is lost when travelling around a curve.
  • Jumps in position determination: ‘jumps’ in position determination can lead to a greater distance being recorded than actually travelled, as all deviations are connected with a zig-zag line.
  • No location displayed (Android): Make sure you have given permission for access to physical activities: settings > apps > viRACE > permissions > activate “physical activities”.

Getting signals for good localisation

For a quick start and accurate localisation, the following must be ensured:

  • Clear view of most of the sky. Obstructions between the phone and the sky can affect the signal strength. Trees, as well as thicker clothing, can cause problems when signal strength is weak.
  • Time to receive signals from the satellite. To improve signal acquisition time, keep the device in one place and make sure the device’s data transmissions are enabled. This allows the phone’s location service to get clues to your approximate position. Even if the sky is clear, in some situations it may take several minutes to get an accurate position. It is also advisable not to enter the heating room until you are outdoors.

Steps to take in case of location problems on Android devices

  1. Switch the phone off/on.
  2. Turn location on/off.
  3. Make sure you have given viRACE access to your location. Settings > App > viRACE > Permissions > Enable Location. Also ensure that viRACE can use location in the background (i.e. “Always”). In addition, access to ‘Physical Activities’ must also be granted at the same location.

Disable all battery saving settings

Below you will find information on individual devices with Android 8 or newer:


Nokia (HMD)


Deactivating power saving mode on HTC phones
  • Open phone settings
  • Tap “Battery”
  • Tap “Off” to deactivate the power saving mode
Disable battery optimization on HTC phones (with Android 6 or higher)
  • Open the phone settings and select “Battery”.
  • Click on “Optimise battery consumption”.
  • Click on “Do not optimise > all apps” to get a list of all apps.
  • Find the viRACE app in the list and click on “Do not optimise > End”.


Android 12 and later versions:
  1. Open the phone settings > Apps
  2. Select the viRACE app
  3. Click on Battery
  4. Select “Not limited”
Android 10
  1. Battery Optimisation Settings
    1. Go to phone settings
    2. Search for Battery performance optimisation
    3. Check that viRACE is classified as ‘not allowed’ (you may need to change the search field to ‘all’).
  2. Battery saving mode settings
    1. Go to phone settings
    2. Click on Battery
    3. Check that all three of the following settings are deactivated: Power Mode, Power Saving Mode and Ultra Power Saving Mode
Other Android versions:
Deactivating power-saving mode on Huawei phones
  • Open the phone’s settings and select “Battery”.
  • Click on ‘Protected applications’ and select the application you do not want to use in power-saving mode.
Deactivate battery optimisation on Huawei phones (with Android 6 or higher)
  • Open the phone’s settings and select “Apps and notifications”.
  • Click on “Applications”
  • Select “Settings” and then “Special access”.
  • Select “Ignore performance optimisation”
  • Click on “Allow” and select “All applications”.
  • Search for the viRACE app in the list and click on “Allow”.
Android 9

Settings >> Battery >> Start app >> viRACE >> Disable “Manage automatically” for viRACE. Manual management should then appear with 3 options enabled. Leave it enabled and click “OK”. 👍


Settings >> Battery >> Start app >> Top right menu >> Manage manually >> Make sure auto start and “Run in background” are enabled.



Huawei will then ask you more often later and while using the app if you want to optimise the battery, which should be denied. You can disable the power consumption warning in Settings > Apps > viRACE > Power Consumption Details.

GPS access:




Android 12 and higher:
  1. Go to Phone Settings > Apps.
  2. Search for and select viRACE.
  3. Click on the “Battery consumption” button.
  4. Make sure that: Allow foreground activity is enabled, Allow background activity is enabled, Allow auto startup is enabled.
  5. Reboot the phone.
OnePlus – Android 11

There are 3 main settings to check:


  1. Battery Optimisation Settings.
    1. Go to your phone settings
    2. Tap Battery > Battery Optimisation
    3. Expand the list in the drop-down filter to All apps
    4. Search for and tap viRACE
    5. Select Do not optimise
  2. Settings for apps and notifications
    1. Go to Phone settings > Apps and notifications
    2. Click on Special access to apps and select viRACE.
    3. Disable battery optimisation
  3. Sleep settings
    1. Go to phone settings
    2. Search and select Battery
    3. Click Battery Optimisation and then tap on the menu with the three dots
    4. Click Advanced optimisation
    5. Disable deep optimisation (or adaptive battery) and hibernation optimisation.

Nokia (HMD)

Android 12

There are 2 main settings to control:


  1. Manage battery usage
    1. Go to Phone settings > Applications
    2. Search for and select viRACE
    3. Click on Battery
    4. Select “unrestricted”
  2. Battery saving mode settings
    1. Go to phone settings
    2. Select Battery
    3. Make sure battery saver and super battery saver are turned off.
Android 10
  1. Go to phone settings
  2. Tap Apps and notifications
  3. Select the viRACE app
  4. Tap Battery and then Battery Optimisation
  5. Expand the list to All apps from the drop-down filter
  6. Search for and select the viRACE app
  7. Select Do not optimise from the pop-up menu
  8. Click Finish


Settings > Battery and Power > Battery consumption > Ignore optimisation > enable for viRACE.


Then follow these steps:
On the home screen, select Applications > Now select Settings > Click General > Select Battery and power saving > Disable “Power saving”.


Settings > Battery > tap top right menu > Battery optimisation > Not optimised > All apps > viRACE > Not optimised.


Android 12 and higher:

Settings > Apps > viRACE


  • Make sure that “Remove permissions for unused apps” is deactivated!
  • Click on Battery -> “Not restricted”
Android 11:

Settings > Applications > viRACE


  • Make sure the item “Remove permission for unused apps” is deactivated!
  • Settings > Apps > tap the menu icon on the top right > Special access > Optimise battery usage > All apps > turn off the feature for viRACE (see video).
Android 10:

Automatically deactivate unused apps:


  1. Go to Phone Settings > Device Maintenance.
  2. Select Battery > (⁝) Menu > Settings.
  3. Deactivate the viRACE app in this list.


Background Restrictions


  1. Go to Phone settings > App > Sleep as Android > Battery.
  2. Make sure that the background restriction for the viRACE app is “The app can use battery power in the background”. Settings > Apps > tap the menu icon in the top right corner > Special access > Optimise battery use > All apps > disable the feature for viRACE.



In Settings > Apps > viRACE > Permissions > Location, select “Always allow”.



If necessary, remove the viRACE app from the list in Settings > Device Maintenance > Battery > App power management > Standby apps.


Settings > Battery > tap the top right menu > Battery Performance Optimisation/Energy Saving > Apps > viRACE.


Then follow the steps below:
Open phone settings > Select “Battery” > Click “STAMINA” mode > Select “Never”.



Xiaomi has an aggressive way of removing apps from the background, which is detrimental to the operation of viRACE. Settings must be handled differently from model to model, so it is difficult to generalise. The following settings should be checked:


Energy Management
Activate the following services for the application:


  • Settings > Advanced Settings > Battery Manager > Power Plan is set to Performance.
  • Device Settings > Advanced Settings > Battery Manager > Protected Apps – the app must be protected.
  • Device settings > App > Your app > Battery > Power consumption request and Continue running after screen shutdown
  • Settings > Additional settings > Battery and performance > Manage app battery use and here:
    • Switch power saving mode to Off
    • Choose next options: Background power saving > Choose apps > select your app > Background settings > No restrictions


App Battery Saving

Set Security > Battery > app battery saver > viRACE to No restriction.



Automatic startup
Open the app Security > Permissions > Automatic start-up and activate automatic start-up.


If your mobile phone is not listed, please contact our support: info@runningcoach.me


Other points:
Make sure that ‘High Precision‘ is selected in the location settings. Settings > Connections > Location > Search Method > High Accuracy.


Reset the A-GPS data by installing the GPS Status & Toolbox application and going to Menu > Manage A-GPS Data > Reset in the application.