What is viRACE

What is viRACE?



viRACE is an app that allows you to participate in virtual running events. The app handles the registration, distance and time measurement as well as the results service.

The idea behind viRACE

viRACE is designed to enable people who are enthusiastic about running to take part in virtual races without having to be physically present on site. Live updates provide information at regular intervals via headphones about the intermediate results (running time and placing) as well as those of the selected favorites, and are designed to improve the feeling of running together.

For organizers of virtual races, the app offers numerous possibilities to individualize your virtual race: personalized comments or sound effects (starting signal, music, …), which are played at a certain time, finisher certificate, logo of the event, mentioning of sponsors, … This provides both the participants and the sponsors with a memorable experience.

Example of messages transmitted through the headphones during the run:

Message before the start with mention of a sponsor:

Intermediate distance at one kilometer:

Intermediate result of a selected favorite:

What are the steps to participate in a race?

  1. Download the App (AndroidiOS)
  2. Register in the app
  3. Give the app the required access to the location
  4. (Android User): DISABLE THE BATTERY SAVING MODE (more about this here)
  5. Sign up for a run
  6. Enjoy your run